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We are experts in multi-dwelling property development. Offering a range of property development programmes, we are mentors, managers, specialists and guides. We are Auckland-based and Auckland-focused. Leaders in our field. Here to educate, navigate, connect and inspire.

We are all about access, for everyone involved. Access for aspiring developers, into the otherwise-unattainable world of property development. Access to industry insights and contacts, through our range of customised courses. Access for all Aucklanders, to warm, safe and well-built homes.

Together, we are building a better Auckland, one development at a time. We are here. We are today. We are Developer.Org.

Ziahad Mohammed
Project Management and Development Advisory

Ziahad has over 18 years’ of civil engineering experience, in small to large-scale projects working for Private and Government clients. Ziahad has proven leadership and technical track record in project planning, development management, financial controls, project delivery, and project management. He has managed significant workloads and delivered multidisciplinary projects to tight deadlines.

Ziahad is passionate about cost effective infrastructure and urban development projects that contribute positively to their surroundings and community. He has an outstanding track record in design and delivery management, a solid technical understanding and is able to utilise these skills to optimise delivery and value.

Tim King
Architecture & Urban Design

Tim is a qualified Architect and a Spatial Designer. He has over 30 years of experience in the built environment with a range of roles including Plan Change lead, landscape planner, urban designer, architectural designer, and design education. Tim has taught specialist design courses as an adjunct faculty in New Zealand and at Temple University in Philadelphia.

Tim excels in providing advise and solution to complex property development problems. He is meticulous at conducting Bulk & Location Study to assess what can be achieved on-site. It is vital for understanding the potential of a site so that developers can maximise the land as well as enable them to choose the best typology they deem fit for a particular project site

Liz Stewart
Senior Urban Planner

Liz has over 28 years of experience in Resource Consenting in the Auckland Region. She has handled various types of consents, including housing developments, subdivisions, and infrastructure projects. Notably, she successfully mediated a multi-housing development proposal during the implementation of the Unitary Plan, worked as the lead planner for the Urban Subdivision Provisions, and managed a complex 350-lot subdivision in Orewa. She has experience with designations, and plan changes and has successfully dealt with Environment Court applications. Additionally, was involved in processing consents for large
subdivision aiming for affordable housing while complying with Overseas Investment Office requirements.

Liz was the lead planner at Auckland Council responsible for writing up the Urban Subdivision Provisions for the Unitary Plan. Throughout her career, has collaborated with various stakeholders, including transport, infrastructure, watercare, urban design, surveyors, and property developers to.

There’s never been a better time to Develop

In Auckland? Thinking about embarking on a multi-dwelling or small-scale property development? Now is the time. Work with Developer.Org to get connected with industry experts, get your development dreams off the ground, and get people into safe, warm, and well-built homes. Win, win, win.

We offer a range of expert led programmes for aspiring property developers. From
our workshop-style foundation course to our one-on-one mentoring and development
management solutions, we’ve got the tools to help you thrive in the world of
small-scale property development.

Developers in training
Developer Direct Deals.

Buying directly from the developer, no middleman.

We provide exclusive offering to our customers to buy from developers directly at a discount. These
offers are rare but available as developers sell a couple of house off plans early in the development phase to meet their pre-sales requirement, before they can start construction. This is beneficial to you as a first home buyer to buy at a discount, only pay 10% deposit to hold the property and have a time to save for rest of the deposit before the house gets built.

If you are an Investor, you can buy at a discount and then on-sell it when the house is completed without settling on the property. Or simply benefit from the instant equity gain for long term hold.

Feasibility, Design & Consent

Our team will support you in deciding what is best for your project by comparing multiple options of what can be built on your site. We support you in obtaining construction funding. We lead the design and consent work by engaging consultants and overseeing the Resource and Building Consent

Project Management

We can support your project by from site acquisition, obtaining consents and overseeing subdivision and construction process on site. We set control parameters including programme schedule, scope of work and budget to give you certainty of project outcomes. We regularly provide update reporting to keep you informed on progress, deal with contractors, councils and other stakeholders.

We ensure your project is closed out with CCC and other required documents. We make sure the project reaches a successful completion.

Developer Advisory

 Our mentoring service

Our one-on-one mentoring programme for aspiring developers. Work alongside an industry expert to gain confidence, receive access to major industry contacts, and remove any fear of failure. Create a personalised strategy, implement a step-by-step development process, and attend regular meetings to ensure you, and your project, are always on track.

Development Management

 Our development management solution

Our turnkey solution for the time-poor developer. Free up valuable time with our most comprehensive and customised offering. Outline your development vision, then watch as our industry experts bring it to life – keeping you updated and informed every step of the way. Your project + our expertise = truly exceptional results.

Our process

No matter where you are in your development journey – if you have land, capital, an established plan, or just an idea – we’d love to hear from you.

To book your free discovery session, simply call us, email us directly, or submit an enquiry form using the button below.

Make your development dreams a reality. Let’s do it today. Let’s do it together. Developer.Org.

Not just for the top 1%

 Our founder

When it comes to property development, Ziahad Mohammed is the real deal. With over 15 years’ experience – in areas like budget management, construction, and the execution of small- and large-scale development programmes – it’s safe to say he knows the industry well. But, unlike other development experts, Ziahad’s goal is not only making profit making projects. He has a social conscience, and a people-focused plan. Ziahad really cares about building better homes that’s suits the surrounding environment, creating opportunities, and changing the development game – one multi-dwelling project at a time. His vision for Developer.Org is all about access. Access for aspiring developers into the world of property development. Access to industry contacts and insights, through a range of expert-led development programmes. And access, for all Aucklanders, to warm, safe and well-built homes.

“A house is more than just a shelter. It provides a person with security, control, belonging, identity and privacy. It provides them with a centring.”

— Ziahad Mohammed,
Development Process
Joint Ventures

Got the land, but not enough capital?
Got some capital, but not quite enough?

We can connect you with likeminded individual investors, provide you with industry insights, set up partnering structures and guide you through negotiations from start to finish.

 It’s all about people

A house provides key basic needs for survival. Besides protecting us against Mother Nature’s raging moods, a house is more than just a shelter.

We have a need for a place that is called home. Home provides security, control, belonging, identity, and privacy, among other things. But most of all, its a place that provides us with a centring—a place from which we leave each morning and to which we return each evening.